LISTSERV 17.0 Help

LISTSERV 17.0 Help

Help for LISTSERV Archives

The archive index page displays the message archives for a list. To view a specific message, click on its subject in the table.

This page offers you several options:

  • Use Classic View/Use Forum View: Click to switch between the classic inbox-style view or a message forum-style view. Note that this can overridden by the list owner on a list-by-list basis.
  • Enter Date Range: Click to enter a date range for the messages that you want to view.
  • Show/Hide Table of Contents: Click to show or hide the table of contents. Depending on your archive sorting settings, the table of contents will either display subject lines or senders.
  • Log In/Log Out: Click to log in or log out of LISTSERV.
  • Register/Change Password: Click to get a LISTSERV password or to change an existing password.
  • Subscribe or Unsubscribe: Click to subscribe, unsubscribe or to change your subscription settings.
  • Post Message: Click to post a message to the list.
  • Send Newsletter: Click to create and send a newsletter to the list using the newsletter template library.
  • Search Archives: Click to search the archives of the list.

To sort the table, you can click on one of the column headers (Subject, From, or Date). For example, if you click on Date once, then the messages will be sorted in chronological order – the oldest message is listed first and the most recent message is listed last. If you click on Date again, then the messages will be reversed chronologically – the most recent message is listed first and the oldest message is listed last. The small white triangle will let you know which column header the table is sorted by and in what order (chronologically or most recent first).

The default sorting for the archives is set using the Primary Sorting option under Preferences.

Message Deletion

If you are a server administrator or an owner of the list, a recycling bin icon is displayed next to each message. Clicking on this icon allows you to delete the message from the archives. Before the message is deleted, a confirmation page is displayed, giving you a chance to double-check your selection. Once deleted, the message is permanently erased and cannot be recovered.

LISTSERV is L-Soft's industry-standard email list management software, originally developed by Eric Thomas in 1986. See the LISTSERV Manuals for complete documentation.

LISTSERV® is a registered trademark. The trademark identifies LISTSERV® as a brand of email list management software developed by L-Soft.