Please read CAREFULLY and contact your advisor if you have any questions! DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!

  1. Please be aware that BIS Students cannot take more than 9 credits of School of Business courses.
  2. BIS Concentrations must be interdisciplinary which is a mix of courses from different departments.  
  3. A BIS Concentration cannot be composed of courses from only one department.
  4. Students need to carefully review course descriptions in the catalog.  They are responsible for knowing limitations such as:
    1. BIS students cannot receive credit for both MGMT 303 and MBUS 301 (please review MBUS 301 Course Description) and
    2. BIS students cannot receive credit for both MKTG 303 and MBUS 304 (please review MBUS 304 Course Description).

Thank you,
BIS Faculty and Staff