Greetings BIS students,

The countdown to the Spring 2023 semester has begun and we hope everyone has connected with their assigned advisor to prepare for the start of classes. Please refer to Patriot Web or to the chart below if you are not sure who your advisor is. In Patriot Web, you can find your advisor's name listed on your student profile page and on your Degree Works.

Student Last Name Beginning With



Primary Advisor

Email Address


Jessica Shindler

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Andrea Barabach

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Kurt Lazaroff

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Janet Poirot

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Jane Hugar

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Please make sure to meet with your advisor atleast once a semester, more if necessary. It is especially important to discuss your course plans with your advisor before registration to make sure you are on track for completing all degree requirements.


[log in to unmask] email should be used for:

  • general inquiries about the program
  • form submissions- cc the BIS email when submitting forms (ex. Mentor Agreement form, BIS Educational Contract, Change of Major form)
  • urgent matters when the primary advisor is out of the office with primary advisor ccd


Please do not reply to this email. If you have questions, please email your advisor.

Have a great semester!

Best regards,
BIS Faculty and Staff