Dear GMU HIST/ARTH graduate students,

Each summer RRCHNM awards the Fishel Fellowship to a graduate student who is creating independent scholarship in digital history. We are especially interested in encouraging work that leads to digital dissertations, but will also consider other proposals. The student receives summer funding equivalent to that of a summer GRA at RRCHNM, and they are assigned a faculty mentor suitable for their project. The student will be expected to work (primarily in-person) on their project over the summer, and to give a presentation about their research at RRCHNM at the start of the fall semester. Any further details can be arranged before the fellowship is accepted. Priority will be given to current graduate affiliates of RRCHNM in good standing who have not previously received the Fishel Fellowship.

This year RRCHNM is accepting self-nominations for this fellowship. To nominate yourself, please send an email to [log in to unmask] before noon on 13 January 2023. Include exactly one paragraph explaining the digital history research that you intend to undertake over the summer and its connection to any larger research project you are engaged in or planning.

Best wishes,
Lincoln Mullen