Dear students who plan to take Nutritional concentration in MS in Biology:  


In Spring 2023, the following class is available - NUTR 651 (Nutritional Assessment). It will count as a core for NUTR concentration. Please take this class. 


Please also take BIOL 508 Medical Biochemistry - it will count for Human Disease requirement 


Among other Spring classes, please take BIOL 690 Introduction to Graduate Studies (1 credit) and BIOL 691 Principles of Biomed Lit Review (3 credits) 


if you have not yet taken BIOL682 (Advanced Euk Cell Biology) - please take this class in fall 2023; it is required for all students in MS in Biology program. 


Please note that classes are offered once per year, except for the seminar / colloquium. It is BEST for you to take classes that are recommended in this email. 

Thank you,

Dr. Ancha Baranova 





Dr. Ancha Baranova


Professor,  School of Systems Biology

Director for the Chronic Metabolic and Rare Diseases Systems Biology Initiative (ChroMe RaDSBIn),

College of Science

George Mason University 


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