Hello BIS students,


In the coming weeks, the BIS program will transition to an Assigned Advisor model to improve our program processes. You will be assigned to a Primary Advisor using alphabetical order according to your last names – see chart below.

Student Last Name Beginning With



Primary Advisor

Email Address


Jessica Shindler

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Andrea Barabach

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Kurt Lazaroff

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Janet Poirot

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Jane Hugar

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*There will be a few exceptions to this alphabetical grouping. Some student cases have been heavily established with a specific advisor and will need to continue this way. You will receive an introductory email from your primary advisor in the days ahead. Please keep an eye out for this email as it will serve as confirmation for which primary advisor you have been assigned.


Primary advisor names will be updated to students’ Patriot Web/Degree Works and Navigate accounts over the next week. Moving forward, primary advisors should be contacted through Navigate or by email to schedule an advising appointment. All questions specific to your courses, academic records and degree requirements should be directed to your primary advisor.


Advisors will work together to support each other and students during times when an advisor is out of the office and there’s an urgent matter, but the primary advisor should be cc’d on email communication during these instances.


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**If any students have an appointment currently scheduled with an advisor who will not be their primary advisor, then they may keep the appointment. The primary advisor will be copied on the meeting notes via email and students can then transition to their primary advisor moving forward and contact them for future meetings and questions.


Thank you,

BIS Faculty and Staff