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If you are still looking for an elective for Fall 2022, consider POGO 750 – Congress and Intelligence.  See below for class info and a welcome message from Prof. Marks.  Let your advisor know if you have any questions!  The syllabus for the course is attached.  This course does count for the ISEC Intelligence Concentration. 









Congress and Intelligence


04:30 pm-07:10 pm


Ronald Marks (P)





Welcome to POGO 750, Congress and Intelligence, Fall 22

I hope you will join us for this exciting and extraordinarily relevant course for this time and this place in our history. 


The Congress and Intelligence course is designed to help you understand the structure, history, and current challenges of America's intelligence community and its constitutionally mandated Congressional oversight. 


It will examine the full range of issues concerning the Congress including: the oversight of intelligence collection and analysis, the execution of covert action, the gathering and storage of information in the 21st Century, and the concerns over privacy and civil liberties.


On occasion, outside experts in national security and Congressional oversight will be brought in to meet with you and present on their areas of expertise and interest.


Lastly, the Congress and Intelligence course will identify the players in the formation of Congressional oversight also its Executive Branch correspondents, the roles they play, how the types, uncertainties, and debates and how such effect the final policy decisions made.



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