Honda Research Institute USA has multiple full-time and fall/winter internship openings in the following categories.   I would be grateful if you could forward the attached postings to your students and affiliates.


A complete list of available positions is available on our careers page at



Associate Positions:

Job #                     Title


P20F11                 Computer Vision Scientist: Mapping and Localization (San Jose CA)

P20F13                 Applied Computer Vision Scientist: Visual Scene Understanding (San Jose CA)

P20F17                 AD/ADAS: Network Intelligence Scientist for Mobility (Ann Arbor, MI)

P21F03                 AD/ADAS: Network Intelligence Scientist: RL, Motion Planning (Ann Arbor, MI)

P21F02                 Machine Learning:  Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Scientist (San Jose CA)

P20F07                 Software Engineering:  Senior Software Engineer / Architect (San Jose CA)

P20F09                 Software Engineering:  Autonomous Systems Research Engineer (San Jose CA)



Internship Opportunities (Fall 2022, Winter 2023):

Job #                     Title


P21INT-25            Computer Vision:  Vision-and-Language Understanding (San Jose CA)

P21INT-26            Computer Vision:  Visual Scene Understanding (San Jose CA)

P21INT-27            Computer Vision:  Human Pose Prediction (San Jose CA)

P21INT-28            Computer Vision:  Human Action Understanding (San Jose CA)

P21INT-29            Computer Vision:  Visual SLAM Internship (San Jose CA)

P21INT-30            Human Factors:   Human Factors for Next Generation Mobility Society (San Jose CA)

P21INT-31            Human Factors:   Affective computing for future mobility (San Jose CA)

P21INT-32            Human Factors:   Computational Models for Human-Aware Systems (San Jose CA)

P21INT-33            Human Factors:   Driver Intention (Ann Arbor MI)

P21INT-34            Human Factors:   Behavior Modeling and Prediction of Road Users (San Jose CA)

P21INT-41            Autonomous Systems: Autonomous Systems Intern (San Jose CA)

P21INT-44            Autonomous Systems: Interactive Decision Making for Autonomous Robots (San Jose CA)

P21INT-40            Robotics: Social Dynamics in Human-Human-Robot Interaction (San Jose CA)

P21INT-42            Robotics: Robotic In-hand Manipulation (San Jose CA)

P21INT-43            Robotics: Physical Human-Robot Interaction (San Jose CA)

P21INT-45            Robotics: Perception for Contact-Rich Robotic Manipulation (San Jose CA)



Contract Positions (Science positions and engineering positions)

Job #                     Title


P19T04                  Robotics: Scientist: Intention Estimation for Teleoperation (San Jose CA)

P20T01                  Robotics: Research Engineer: Robotics and Control (San Jose CA)

P20T02                  Robotics: Scientist: Visuo-Tactile Perception for In-Hand Object Manipulation (San Jose CA)

P20T04                  Robotics: Scientist: Deep RL for Dexterous Object Manipulation (San Jose CA)

P21T04                  Robotics:  Postdoctoral Research Scientist:  Physical Human-Robot Interaction (San Jose CA)

P20T18                  AD/ADAS: Connected Vehicle Research and Test Engineer (Raymond OH)

P20T22                  Human Factors:  Human Factor Research Engineer (San Jose CA)

P21T03                  Autonomous Systems:  Autonomous Systems Engineer (San Jose CA)



How to Apply


Method 1:    Apply directly on our website:


Method 2:   send an e-mail to [log in to unmask] with the following:

  - Subject line including the job number(s) you are applying for

  - Recent CV

  - A cover letter highlighting relevant background (Optional)