August 30th,  2022



September 1 Daniel Segre, Ph.D.

September 5 Labor Day

September 6 Last Day to Drop (100%)

September 8 William Bricker, Ph.D.

September 13 Last Day to Drop (50%)

September 15 BAM Transition Sheet due

September 22 Study Abroad Fair


Did you know your undergrad advisor
has office hours?

Tuesdays in person from 10-11 am
Fridays virtually from 2-3 pm


Undergrads – Meet your faculty and staff!
Register and connect with different BIOE year groups, win a BIOE Tshirt.
September 13th 11:30 -1:30pm
Food & beverages!


Undergraduate NEWS:



                 Fall 22 Graduates: Graduation Application due on September 30th. For more information:

-          Accelerated MS students graduating in fall 22 must submit their  completed Bachelor’s/ Accelerated Master’s Transition Form by September 15th. Submit to Claudia Borke NO LATER than September 10th. Late forms result in a drop from the Accelerated Program.


Appointments with your Bioengineering Academic Advisor:

Office hours:

In Person, Tuesdays from 10-11am, Peterson Hall suite 3102

Virtual, Fridays from 2-3pm,

Zoom:  If you come into the waiting room I usually let you know how many students are ahead of you after a few minutes (if at all).

For Appointments - Use the appointment system SSC Campus (Navigate) - or simply use my availability link to check for free spots:  You can also email me with questions or find out if somebody cancelled last minute. The system doesn’t show if it is passed 24 hours.


CONCERNS? Please email us if you have concerns or simply want to give some feedback about a class, academics, professor or any issues. This will be handled confidentially. You will be contacted by the BMES president or the Student Representative. DISCLAIMER: If it does not apply to your case, but is a required question, enter N/A.:


Logo Contest for Bioengineering Students | Seeking a Logo for the Bioengineering Alliance reflecting the vision: “Advancing public health through education, innovation, and translation.

Prize: $50

Deadline: September 20, 2022 at 11:59pm


·         More than one entry per person is allowed.

·         Entries must be in a digital format, such as .jpg or .pdf, with a minimum 300 dpi image resolution.

·         Logo should be scalable, so the key features do not get distorted at different sizes.

·         Logo should be visually interesting and should not include any copyrighted images or material. Submit entry(ies) to [log in to unmask] by 11:59 PM, September 20, 2022. 

·         Eligible entries will be voted on by the Alliance members on 9/23/2022. Creator of winning image receives a $50 gift certificate, courtesy of the Alliance, and a notable mention in the Bioengineering Weekly Newsletter.

International Buddy Program | Want to make friends from all over the world? Want to learn about different cultures without going abroad? Want to develop a global mindset and build your intercultural communication skills and competency?

Bioengineers – The International Buddy Program aims to build cross-cultural friendships, build intercultural communication skills, and global competency between Mason's international and domestic students.

Application is now open until September 4, 2022

For more info:



BENG Seminars:

Sept. 1st | 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm | Daniel Segre, Ph.D., Professor of Bioengineering, Boston University
Location: Horizon Hall, room 1012; KJH, room 258 (SciTech)

Title: From Microbial Networks to Microbiome Engineering
For In-Person only: Participants must complete  Mason COVID Health  and receive a “green Light” status on the day of the event. Please complete the RSVP request using this link.


Sept. 8th | 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm | William Bricker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of New Mexico

Location: Horizon Hall, room 1012; KJH, room 258 (SciTech)

Title: DNA at the Multi-Scale: Theory and Applications
For In-Person only: Participants must complete  Mason COVID Health  and receive a “green Light” status on the day of the event. Please complete the RSVP request using this link.



Sept. 13th | 11:30 pm – 1:30 pm |

Location: Nguyen Engineering Building, Atrium
Undergraduate students – come and celebrate the start of a new academic year. Meet your bioengineering cohort, see old friends and make new. Meet our faculty and staff. Free beverages and food. Games and prizes. This is your chance to ask questions and meet us all in person. We are looking forward to meeting you!

This is an In-Person event:  Participants must complete  Mason COVID Health  and receive a “green Light” status on the day of the event. Please complete the RSVP request using this link.



BMES (Biomedical Engineering Society): Local Chapter: President: Lucia Rodriguez, Organization email: [log in to unmask], Instagram: bmes_gmu, Twitter: @BmesGmu and snapchat: @Bmes_Gmu,

Fall 2022 Get Clearance Ready Events
Sept. 13, 2022 – Intro to Security Clearances, 12:00 pm – JC Room E
Sept. 22, 2022 –Drug and Alcohol, 5:00 pm – Merten 1202 
Oct. 5, 2022 – Interns with Clearances Panel, 5:00 pm – ONLINE
Oct. 19, 2022 –Intro to Security Clearances, 6:00 pm – JC Room B 
Oct. 25, 2022 – Preparing Your SF-86, 6:00 pm – Merten 1204
Nov. 3, 2022 – Interns with Clearances Panel, 5:00 pm – ONLINE
Nov. 14, 2022 – Cleared Careers in Technology Panel, 5:00 pm – ONLINE
More information:

Real Talk Exploring the Intersection of Identity and Career
Sept. 7, 2022 – US Job/Internship for International Students, 4:00pm to 5:00pm ONLINE 
Oct. 20, 2022 – Salary Negotiation for Women, 3:00pm to 4:30pm – ONLINE
Nov. 3, 2022 – Systemic Barriers that Impact Imposter Phenomenon, 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Dec. 5, 2022 –Disclosing Your Disability to an Employer, 4:00 pm to 5:00p

Research: New research lab opportunities on our website!
Check under Biomaterials and Nanomedicine.


STEM Internships Abroad: Check out brief videos on global internship opportunities and the GEO application process here.


Project Opportunity: Delivery of the Intro to Python Project Pathway

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is looking for an Instructor to lead our “Introduction to Python” pathway with our partner, Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) in Arlington, Virginia. Instruction will take place at an APAH site and requires a commitment of facilitating six 60 to 90-minute Python sessions and two accompanying Career Development sessions.

Start Date: early-October of 2022

Experience: Basic Python coding is required, classroom instruction experience is a plus.

This is a contracted, paid opportunity by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

If you are interested in the opportunity or have any questions, please reach out to Alex Mora, Community Partnerships Manager at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, at [log in to unmask].

*Suggest to include resume, unofficial transcript and cover letter.

GROW RegenMed Internship Program - Alliance for Regenerative Medicine

ARM is launching the GROW Internship Program to provide crucial, early-career paid opportunities in the regenerative medicine sector, initially to Black students and over time to a broader minority population. ARM represents 400+ organizations in the cell, gene, and tissue-based therapies sector that target a range of diseases and disorders, many of which affect the Black community. This is specifically designed to provide opportunities to Black individuals - open to undergrad, graduating seniors, and graduate students.

Deadline: February 15, 2023

Internship Period: June 5 – August 18, 2023

Internship Benefits:

·         Earning while learning: Interns will be paid, with some employers offering housing, relocation and travel support.

·         Build community: Interns will be part of an intern class and given a chance to connect with their peers at several points throughout the internship.

·         Professional development: Interns will participate in an ARM-organized kick-off session, a two day in-person professional development event, and a closing session with their class. Post-internship, interns will be given the chance to reconnect with their class and engage with industry leaders at the annual Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa the October following their internship, free of charge.

If you are interested in the GROW internship program, please contact [log in to unmask].

Google PhD Fellowship Program

Nurturing and maintaining strong relations with the academic community is a top priority at Google. The Google PhD Fellowship Program was created to recognize outstanding graduate students doing exceptional and innovative research in areas relevant to computer science and related fields. Fellowships support promising PhD candidates of all backgrounds who seek to influence the future of technology. Google’s mission is to foster inclusive research communities and encourages people of diverse backgrounds to apply.

Application Period: September 2022 to end of September 2022


·         Up to 3 year Fellowship

·         Full tuition and fees (enrollment fees, health insurance, books) plus a stipend to be used for living expenses, travel and personal equipment

·         Google Research Mentor


·         Full-time graduate students pursuing a PhD and enrolled in an institution in one of the regions listed above.

·         Completed graduate coursework by the academic award year when the Fellowship begins.

·         Students must remain enrolled full-time in the PhD program for the duration of the Fellowship or forfeit the award.

·         Google employees, and their spouses, children, and members of their household are not eligible.

·         Students that are already supported by a comparable industry award are not eligible. Government or non-profit organization funding is exempt.

More Info:


How do I volunteer?

Send a cover letter and your resume to: OO‐OTS‐[log in to unmask].
Please be sure to include in your cover letter your educational discipline and which FDA Center aligns with your interests. To learn about the type of work done at FDA and find out more about each Center visit Your resume will be uploaded into a resume bank which hiring managers can access. If a hiring manager is interested in having you volunteer, they will reach out to you directly.

For more info, visit this website.


Medhini Sosale is a senior in the Bioengineering department. She spent her summer at the UCLA Bruins in Genomics summer internship. If you have any questions about her internship you can email her at [log in to unmask]
“The internship itself lasts about 8 weeks and pairs undergraduate students with mentors working on computational biology research. Students in the program work full-time in addition to meeting weekly for journal clubs, participating in social hours on Friday evenings, and networking with computational biology professors across several departments at UCLA. I specifically worked in Dr. Patrick Allard's lab on a computational genomics project using bisulfite sequencing to investigate the epigenetic impacts of environmental toxicants such as BPA and arsenic on the genetics of in vitro mouse primordial germ cells.”

Abstract: Bisphenol A (BPA) and arsenic are hazardous chemicals that cause reproductive dysfunctions over multiple generations. This project applies bisulfite sequencing (BS-seq) to investigate the epigenetic mechanisms underlying their transgenerational inheritance. BS-seq can comprehensively identify the cytosines that have been methylated and how these methylation events can be altered by a treatment. We compared the effectiveness of two BS-seq pipelines, wg-blimp and BSBolt, in detecting differentially methylated regions (DMRs) from untreated, BPA-exposed, and arsenic-exposed in vitro mouse primordial germ cells. Specifically, we used whole genome BS-seq (WGBS) to analyze the effects of BPA, and reduced representation BS-seq (RRBS) to analyze the effects of arsenic. While wg-blimp is designed to run a complete WGBS pipeline, BSBolt requires steps to be performed individually. I found that wg-blimp is harder to troubleshoot but that BSBolt is more time consuming. Using BSBolt, I obtained data for FastQC analysis and aligned the WGBS genomes to a reference. I was also able to complete RRBS and began to analyze the results for DMRs.


Did you have an internship last summer and would like to tell us about it? Is your senior design group on the brink of making a global impact or you would like to share your lab experience here in the newsletter? Please email a short summary, picture and fill out the attached release form and send to: [log in to unmask].





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