To:  ISEC students

If you have not yet completed your registration for the Fall semester, here's a course on the growing challenge of disinformation that should be of interest to all, and particularly to those in the Intelligence Concentration.   It's the second time we've offered this course.  It's POGO 750-017: Disinformation and Policy Responses, offered on Tuesdays at 720 PM.

Here's a brief description:

Disinformation and Policy Responses examines the impact of disinformation on public policy, explores a
broad array of disinformation use cases, and evaluates policy options for effectively mitigating the
negative effects of disinformation operations. Responding to disinformation requires coordination
among public and private actors. Policy options to respond to disinformation are diverse and may draw
on technological, legislative, regulatory, educational, and diplomatic approaches

Full draft syllabus:  POGO 750 017 Disinformation and Policy Responses

and here's some information on the professor:

regards to all,

Professor Ellen Laipson
Director, ISEC