Diane St. Germain

Dear PhD Students,
Fall 2022 registration is underway!

If you plan to register for Directed study/Research credits (BINF 996, BIOS 898 or 899) in fall 2022, please consult with the professor you will be working with to fill out the form on under "Doctoral Students".  Send me the form once it's signed by you and the professor.  Digital/electronic signatures are fine.

For a lab rotation (BINF 703 or BIOS 703), first email the professor for permission and then forward his/her answer to me.  I'll email you the CRN to register with on Patriot Web. 

Any questions please let me know.  I will need to have the necessary forms or emails for fall registration asap.

thank you, 
Diane St. Germain


Diane St. Germain

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