Hello all,

We will hold our GMU Medical Engineering Conference tomorrow. Come out and see the speakers, have lunch and network after the panel discussions.
Thank you BMES for organizing!

Claudia Borke

From: Claudia Borke
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2022 4:38 PM
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Subject: GMU Medical Engineering Conference hosted by Mason BMES/Bioengineering

Good Morning Everyone,

After a successful turnout virtually last year, we will soon be having our second George Mason University Medical Engineering Conference 2022 in person! It will be held in Dewberry Hall on Saturday, March 5th, 2022 from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Check-in will start at 8:30 am.

The event will consist of three parts:

  *   In the morning, we will have professors from George Mason University, George Washington University, University of Maryland, and Georgetown University talking about their innovative research from their respective areas.
  *   In the afternoon, there will be speakers from industry and government organizations, such as the NIH, Children's National Medical Center, BD, and several others!
  *   Following all the talks, there will be panels with all the speakers of the event for students to ask questions about industry, research, or anything of interest! We will then close off with a networking event before ending the conference with closing notes.
As this is an in-person conference, breakfast and lunch will be provided for those that attend as a special thanks from BMES and the GMU Bioengineering Department. One side of the hall will be dedicated to the event, while the other will be where we will have food for everybody. While it's encouraged that you come early to enjoy the entire occasion, there also will be officers from our chapter throughout the day to check-in attendees and guide you to the current presentation or event that is taking place.

This is a fantastic way for any bioengineering (or other engineering) majors to see what they can do with their degrees in the medical industry during and after college, so we implore you to take time out of your weekend to make the most of this conference for future opportunities!

If you are a Mason student or faculty member, please RSVP here<https://secure-web.cisco.com/1psHbt791R9sVDCu88zcbOj2mM93ZmwngyhPmG7BjIoK3Etapav_u-CZH8furPuSX8X16d98MJZFIYV05EQP6Tq9adqkUmH0Kbhznmuqsc9HCOVlOhnC1_7BxsT8-nbD8RtlKNY5BwYbmnyCBksFo3j9TRSmTZEjJg-6ir3XrTAsKlk1HKFWjrbwSGb92o_Qx6EDMTAemCS_Hazt73Eqqc4J4ks6pKFNRL62CsKcmUoaDGQtDCclWvc5JavmkVIF-_GN7D3qpp20_2YCVGc0qqvrCoujkHDtTCeKLwWZ8g8KeMFKERrdDUOyNq1uyK4GYB4OpXEqcKWhekzj5gjhF7uFLUWW5e1VbOPZzdXWJhRfXoaHUBfAqvwnUu-AqHNqJaEaSD07TVD1DoXXZ-X5ToRLC6SMoPKFvzBa3Tey8tH0paCukTpYVKkE1Vc0AMiGdQOI7YMpK1gMxnP5RT_SIiA/https%3A%2F%2Fcglink.me%2F2d7%2Fr1494790> for the conference.
For any non-Mason attendees, we ask that you fill out this Google Form<https://forms.gle/5Cv8gTipX17v9Di87> to register for the event.

The finalized schedule and flyer are attached to this email for you to look over and see the full itinerary with all the speakers throughout the day. Please do share this email with your other classmates and friends that would be interested in attending! We hope to see you all there!

Claudia Borke

Academic Advisor, Department of Bioengineering


George Mason University

4400 University Drive, MS 1G5

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Phone: 703-993-4190