We’d like to invite you to join the world’s first microtask programming hackathon. Microtask programming is a new way to build software, created by researchers at George Mason University, where you work on individual functions within a codebase while a crowd simultaneously works on every other function. Microtask programming may help make it much faster and easier to join a project, decrease time to market, and offer new ways to collaborate.

In our hackathon, you’ll have a chance to try out microtask programming by working together with a crowd of developers to build a backend for a new app helping connect students with tutors. You’ll be competing against others to win $1800 in prizes. 

Our event will be remote and one day only (March 26th Saturday, 8 am to 11 pm EST). To participate, you should be comfortable programming in JavaScript. This remote hackathon is part of a research study at George Mason University to understand the potential for microtasking in hackathons. You’ll be asked to answer a few questions about your experience in the hackathon to be eligible for prizes.

Sign up here (https://forms.gle/79Vr58p5MjLgN6q56).

Thomas, Emad, Bryant, and Aryan


The Microtask Programming Hackathon is part of a research study at George Mason University. Contact Emad Aghayi<[log in to unmask]> for more information or any questions. The IRBNet number for this study is 1794819.

For more information about microtask programming, here are a few links:



Crowdsourced Behavior-Driven Development (arxiv.org)