All, Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break and you are now enjoying the snow Ė quite beautiful by my house. Here is the report on CEC research performance through the end of November. Overall, a very good report.


Recently, several people have asked for an explanation of the difference between what is reported in the two tabs on expenditures and similarly the difference between what is reported in the two tabs on awards. A note has been added in each of those tabs to provide that explanation.


Expenditures:  Expenditures dropped from the record level in October, but was still a very healthy $71.5M for the period December 1, 2020 through November 30, 2021. This compares to $57.6M for the same period a year ago. BENG, ME, CEIE, Statistics, and the Deanís Office all set records. C4I&Cyber had its best performance since April 2020 , CARE its best performance since July 2019, and SEOR its best performance since June 2019.


Awards: Awards were $60M, down from $71.3M a year ago, driven largely by a drop in awards for RPRC. However, RPRC recently received significant new awards which should show up in next monthís report. ME set a record. CEIE had its best performance since September 2020. CS had its best performance since April 2019.


Proposals: Proposals were $175.8M, the best number since April 2020 and up significantly from $142.5M a year ago. CEIE and the Deanís Office both set records.


Indirect: Indirect set a record $7.7M, up substantially from $6.5M a year ago. Improvements were broad based with 12 units reporting gains over a year ago.




Dr. Art Pyster

Associate Dean for Research and Professor

College of Engineering and Computing

George Mason University


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