Dear graduate students,

please see the following message from GMU HR, shared by Dr. Sun:

"As it relates to international travel during the winter holiday break, faculty and students are advised not to travel outside of the U.S. during the winter holiday break per OIPS.  As it relates to the pandemic and the spread of the latest variant, travel is being discouraged in the event that different countries experience a surge of the virus and are forced to impose quarantine restrictions; and additionally create time delays for individuals required to set-up consulate and embassy appointments in order to come back to the U.S. The time delays could potentially place the individuals in a situation by which they would need to work remotely outside of the U.S. (if in a country by which permissible according to export & compliance regulations), and it can be a costly process to work with the GMU Tax Coordinator to identify and obtain a company to perform the required tax withholding services for the duration of the time period the individual must work remotely outside the U.S. "


Martin Slawski
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