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Please see the email below regarding the need for feedback on the design of a new visualization lab in Research Hall. The survey will stay open until next Wednesday, Nov. to solicit additional feedback. Please feel free to reach out to Dave Lattanzi and Craig Yu with any questions.






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Subject: Fairfax Campus Visualization Lab: Needs And Use Cases




I am serving on a committee charged with the design of a new visualization lab in Research Hall on the Fairfax campus. This is an entirely separate endeavor from the IDIA visualization lab planning that you may be aware of. We are taking a broad view of visualization, to consider as many faculty as possible. We have put together a short questionnaire to identify use cases and technical needs for the space. These use cases could include large scale monitor arrays, AR/VR setups, digital CAVE systems, among many others. If interested, could you please respond through the following link? The survey closes this Friday, and it is important that CEC faculty needs are well represented.





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