AI Services at AWS is hiring in the LA Area, Bay Area, Seattle area, NYC, DC, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Shanghai, Bangalore and many other cities where we have presence.

Since we started AI services at AWS 5 years ago, we have grown from a smallish computer vision team to a global team working also on speech, language, and vertical services including forecasting, personalization, code, spatial computing, enterprise search, fraud prevention and many more.

AI Labs is the science organization that develops technology to power all AI Services at AWS. If you want to get a sense of the products of the team, in addition to the publications that you can find at<>  you can take a look at<> Many more are in the works.

AI Labs is particularly suited for students who want to see the direct impact of their work in the real world. We have had intern projects land in the hands of tens of thousands of developers worldwide in a matter of few months  in addition to resulting in papers at the usual CVPR, NeurIPS, ICLR etc.   We are particularly interested in attracting researchers from under-represented groups.

For internships, we involve both mentors and managers, and students have an opportunity to work on a broad range of exploratory topics, including in few-shot learning, semi-supervised learning, self-supervised learning, transfer learning, spatial computing, document understanding, physical authentication, code analytics, natural language processing. Mentors include Pietro Perona, Manmatha, Zhuowen Tu in Vision; Katrin Kirchhoff and Daniel Garcia-Romero in Speech; Dan Roth, Georgiana Dinu, Marcello Federico, Kathleen McKeown, Vittorio Castelli in languages; Bing Xiang, Ramesh Nallapati, Andrew Arnold, and many others, in Vertical Services.

Amazon is a place designed to empower people who want to make things happen. There are mechanisms for ideas to bubble up and turn into reality, which everyone can leverage. So, individuals with a strong drive and able to think big will enjoy the dynamic, fast-paced, high-bandwidth environment.

For applications, the link is on the page linked above, but please feel free to flag to me or anyone else you know at AWS or Amazon at large if any of your students or postdocs could be a good fit.