Name: Yulai Weng

E-mail: [log in to unmask]

Company Name: LYF Innovation Ltd.

Company Website:

Job Opportunity (Full-time Position/ Part-time Intern ): 


Robotics Engineer (Perception) :

We are looking for a Deep Learning & Robotics engineer who is familiar with: Deep Learning, TensorFlow, TensorRT & Pytorch, Linux & ROS environments, OpenCV & common algorithms.

As a software engineer in the Perception Team, you will:

  1. Implement and train neural networks for object detection and semantic segmentation;

  2. Work on TensorRT and apply the model to embedded devices powered by NVIDIA;

  3. Integrate the model into ROS environment and communicate with other teams like control & planning team.


  1. Strong programming skills in Python and C++, familiar with general algorithms;

  2. Solid experience in deep learning tasks and deep learning platforms like TensorFlow and Pytorch;

  3. Knowledge of ROS and related software development.

Robotics Engineer (Planning & Control) :

As a Software Engineer in the Control and Planning team, you will:

  1. Implement and test core algorithms for full coverage planning and collision avoidance

  2. Design and implement decision-making systems for the robot in complex environments

  3. Improve the performance of our robotic system in terms of latency and robustness


  1. Strong programming skills in C++ and/or Python; strong fundamentals in data structure and algorithms

  2. Solid experience in ROS and related software development

  3. Knowledge of ROS navigation stack and planning algorithms

  4. Knowledge of Kalman Filter sensor fusion and adaptive control is preferred