Hi everyone,

For this week’s student seminar, we will discuss three different articles for 20 minutes each. I have assigned each supported graduate student to an article. Before the seminar, please read through your assigned article and be prepared to provide comments, thoughts, or questions in the discussion. The articles are attached.


Article #1:
Snoke, J., & Bowen, C. M. (2020). How statisticians should grapple with privacy in a changing data landscape. Chance, 33(4), 6-13.

  *   William Castillo
  *   Wei Dai
  *   Fengnan Deng
  *   Xiaoran Jiang
  *   Jin Hyung Lee
  *   Ruishan Lin
  *   Joshua Wright
  *   Yu-Chun Wang

Article #2
Vance, E. A., & Love, K. (2021). Building Statistics and Data Science Capacity for Development. CHANCE, 34(3), 38-46.

  *   Yang Long
  *   Remy MacDonald
  *   He Qi
  *   Jingyi Shao
  *   Yakun Wang
  *   Zhenbang Wang
  *   Priyanjali Bukke
  *   Yu-Lin Hsu

Article #3:
Ewing, E. T., Rigdon, S. E., & Fricker Jr, R. D. (2020). Understanding COVID‐19 in 2020 Through the Lens of the 1918 “Spanish Flu” Epidemic. Chance, 33(3), 4-21.

  *   Siqi Wei
  *   Xiao Tan
  *   Zixiang Xu
  *   Shenghao Ye
  *   Shixue Zhang
  *   Jiayi Zheng
  *   Sydnie Matkins
  *   Brody Receveur

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