Dear Students,

MS students in the ECE department must attend a total of 6 seminars over the course of their studies. They are asked to keep track of their attendance by filling out the individual seminar attendance sheet (see attached). It is recommended to start attending seminars as soon as possible.
For virtual seminars, we do not require a signature on the form as we can keep track of attendance with the zoom list. Just be sure to sign in with your Mason email so we can identify you.
For in-person seminars, at the end of the talk, please ask any faculty there to sign on your attendance sheet. Once you have attended all 6 seminars, please bring the completed form back to me.
At the beginning of your last semester, students must register for ECE 795 (0 credit) to have their seminar attendance requirement validated.

All seminars that are posted on the ECE website at the following link are approved for ECE 795:

Best regards,

Patricia Sahs

Academic Program Coordinator

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

George Mason University

4400 University Drive, MSN 1G5

Fairfax, VA 22030

Phone: 703-993-1523