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Please see below descriptions of the job openings at the Federal Communications Commission's Office of Engineering and Technology in D.C.

1. FCC's Pathway Recent Graduate Opportunity
The incumbent of this position will receive on-the-job-training, will be a bargaining unit employee and be a part of the Federal Communications Commission's Office of Engineering and Technology. The incumbent will receive training on the agency's policy and rulemaking processes and other administrative processes for government agencies.  The incumbent will receive technical training covering a wide variety of telecommunications services and technologies.  The incumbent will receive training on engineering and policy principles relevant to the fast-paced telecommunications industry.  In this position, the incumbent may conduct and analyze basic engineering studies, telecommunication system proposals and/or telecommunications technology proposals to authorize new and innovative services.  The incumbent will assist more senior staff in the analysis of petitions, requests for proposals before the FCC to determine viability and the need for FCC action.  The incumbent may conduct studies and perform summaries and/or communicate findings with senior staff.  The incumbent may prepare written material, including summaries, memorandum letters, E-mail correspondence and other written documents to individuals within and outside the agency. The incumbent will be trained and may be tasked with performing propagation analysis of terrestrial, satellite and/or airborne systems or evaluating the emission characteristics of various transmitters to validate the co-existence with neighboring systems. Projects may also involve various computer software engineering and scientific applications. The incumbent will be required to effectively communicate with individuals within and outside the agency on a variety of topics related to the FCC and engineering principles. The incumbent will be required to assist and work with other FCC staff.

2. Interdisciplinary Position (Electronics Engineer / Physical Scientist)
Serves as an expert, consultant and advisor on methods for evaluating the potential exposure hazards associated with RF electromagnetic fields emitting from wireless transmitters. Advises the Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) and the Commission on the development of new standards and policies on RF exposure requirements addressing the Commission’s statutory responsibilities including under the National Environmental Policy Act on RF exposure limits and procedures.  Performs high-level analyses and develops fully supported conclusions in support of rulemakings and policy recommendations regarding Radio Frequency exposure.  Prepares work statements and monitors contract studies.  Evaluates human exposure to RF electromagnetic fields.  Develops new computational and measurement methods for the analysis of the potential exposure hazards associated with RF electromagnetic fields.  

3. Electronics Engineer
Serves as the senior technical engineering expert and adviser to the Branch Chief on all technical, regulatory, and other aspects of spectrum policy development and implementation by the Commission.  Expert on spectrum allocations and Part 2 of the Commission’s Rules; represents the Office and the Commission in meetings with industry, government representatives, and the public to determine future telecommunications trends and the effect of these trends on spectrum allocation and related matters.  Coordinates and negotiates resolutions to complex engineering and policy matters with high level representatives of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).  Assists the branch chief in reviewing and editing rulemaking documents of other Offices and Bureaus to ensure that sound spectrum management principles are applied.  Performs engineering analysis activities associated with highly complex technology.  Reviews petitions and rulemaking proposals and provides technical engineering consultative services on all aspects of electromagnetic wave propagation, antenna theory and practices, and efficient utilization of the radio spectrum and related communications issues.  Develops and implements improved analytical techniques, models, databases, and criteria applicable to the solution of spectrum engineering and radio propagation problems.  Prepares technical engineering material covering radio frequency devices, including responses to correspondence and the development of technical reports.  Performs other duties as assigned.


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