I get it, I get it. My Center for Security Policy Studies mass emails are longer than the "Hurry! I need you to donate $10 to my campaign by midnight tonight" pitches that already inundate your spam folders.

Well, I'm mixing things up with this short and sweet reminder:
  1. Please join us this Friday as we watch and discuss Dr. Strangelove at 6:00 pm in the Van Metre Multipurpose Room. You can RSVP here (https://forms.gle/nF8SsuYU38P8RF2dA) or here (because a WSJ article informed me that only boomers cut and paste hyperlinks in their emails, and I'm a proud Gen Xer thank you very much). Don't forget that you'll need to do the COVID screener thingy.

  2. Speaking of nuclear Armageddon: at 10:00 am on the very next day (no need to check your calendar - I'm referring to Saturday the 30th) Schar Ph.D. student Matt Costlow will lead a Defense 101 discussion on US nuclear and missile defense capabilities.  If you're interested (and current events should terrify everyone into being interested), please RSVP by sending a quick email to Joe Petrucelli at [log in to unmask]

See, that wasn't so bad! Now about that $10...



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