Dear CS Ph.D. Students,

I am very grateful for having an opportunity to witness the significant improvement of our university. In the past few years, several buildings have been constructed. More credits are covered by the GTA/GRA contract, and our stipend increases a lot compared to 2017 when I joined GMU. Those changes were made because GMU never stops improving.

Now, I am excited to inform you that a sophisticated report of reshaping the structure of graduate education at Mason is available online now:


The Graduate Education Reimagine Task Force, initiated this April with the charge of President Greg Washington and Provost Mark Ginsberg, drafts this report. More than ten meetings were held for intensive discussion, and countless thoughts were put into this draft. The task force has done an excellent job. Now it is our turn to make contributions. Please review the draft and provide your feedback to this form:, by November 5

The key idea in this report is about how we could centralize some graduate education resources at Mason to allow for a better economy of scale and more widespread availability of services for graduate students. It is worth mentioning that centralizing resources does not mean that our funding and stipend would be taken to compensate the departments that are below the average. In the last week’s GASPA meeting, Dr. Laurence Bray, the associate provost for graduate education, said our task force is working hard to guarantee that stipend and funding at each department will only increase.

Several topics, including but not limited to Funding and Award Opportunities, Advising and Mentoring, Professional and Career Development, Students’ Well-being, Degree Completion, and Time-To-Degree are demonstrated in the report. Thanks to our task force and thank you for putting effort into improving our community.

Shuai Wang

Ph.D. Representative 

Dept. Computer Science 

George Mason University