Dear CS Ph.D. students,

The fall semester is a very busy time for companies to recruit full-time employees and interns. Now, we just passed the 7th week of this semester, and I assume many of us are preparing for job seeking. If so, please remember George Mason University is very famous for its career services. I would like to remind you that if you are struggling with preparing your job interview or resume, please check our carrier service website to find all information and resources you need: and, which is specific to engineering students.   

On this website, you will find many specific topics related to your situation. If you have any questions, please make an appointment with the advisors in career services. Before you close this email, let me enlist a few highlights in our career services tightly related to our CS Ph.D. students:

1, resume review.

The resume is one of the essential documents among all files we submit to the job application website. Our kind advisors in career services are willing to help us review our resume, which is not limited to our PDF resume but also includes our LinkedIn and Handshake webpage. Needless to emphasize how much difference an impressive and unique personal website makes in the whole hiring process.

2, interview preparation.

I know our CS Ph.D. students are talented enough to prepare for the coding interview alone. However, never forget there is a behavioral interview that we cannot avoid. The professional advisors in career services will help us practice the interview and provide constructive feedback.


Many private and public sectors located in the DMV area are working on topics that require a clearance for us to access. If your dream job needs a clearance, please check . Please remember that getting the clearance takes time to process and make the appointment as soon as ready.

4, Handshake Website.

Another important resource is Handshake. All events (internship and full-time job) hosted in GMU would be posted there. Please do not forget to check this website regularly.

5, others.

I am aware that many of our CS Ph.D. students, including myself, are international students. GMU career services also have a webpage for us:

Last but least, if you do not know what you want to do in the future, you can still talk with the advisors in the career services to figure out a clear direction for you. 


Shuai Wang

Ph.D. Representative 

Dept. Computer Science 

George Mason University