Please read CAREFULLY and contact your advisor if you have any questions! DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!

  1.  Please be aware that BIS Students cannot take more than 9 credits of School of Business courses.
  2.  BIS Concentrations must be interdisciplinary which is a mix of courses from different departments.
  3.  A BIS Concentration cannot be composed of courses from only one department.
  4.  Students need to carefully review course descriptions in the catalog.  They are responsible for knowing limitations such as:
     *   BIS students cannot receive credit for both MGMT 303 and MBUS 301 (please review MBUS 301 Course Description<>) and
     *   BIS students cannot receive credit for both MKTG 303 and MBUS 304 (please review MBUS 304 Course Description<>).

Thank you,