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10 days in Spain: 3 Mason INTS credits. $150 discount if you complete some steps prior to Monday, Nov 1. Abbreviated summary of this leadership program information below: 

  • Short-term (10 day) Mason study abroad program in Spain in May 2022 (visit Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Seville, and Granada)- 3 credits 
  • "Leadership Across Difference: Lessons from Medieval Spain" offered by Mason's Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Office and Field Studies at Social Action and Integrative Learning (SAIL) 
  • Can count as a 3-credit INTS course- undergraduate OR graduate (see below) 
  • $150 discount if you complete some steps prior to Monday, Nov 1 (e.g., application, brief advising interview, $700 fee: application fee + deposit) 
  • To start your application (and to start the process for Nov 1 discount) click on the following link: 
  • $500 “Increasing Access” scholarships for up to 8 Mason students available thanks to the Parents Fund
  • For more about the program information and a list of FAQs see or email Dr. Nick Lennon at [log in to unmask] 


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It's not too early to start planning for a life-changing experience in Spain! 

In May 2022, you will have the opportunity to participate in a powerful 10-day, 3 credit program/course. 

  • Want to earn 3 credits as part of this 10-day experience? 
  • Interested in examining the idea that Muslims, Christians and Jews collaborated and lived together, relatively peacefully, for hundreds of years in Medieval Spain? 
  • Ready to learn about leadership and ethics from historical examples of conflict, cooperation and collaboration? 
  • Curious about what we can do today to move towards mutual understanding, respect and a focus on the common good? 
  • Want to have a leadership course/experience on your transcript and/or resume? 
  • Undergraduate or Graduate credit available (see below). 
  • It is not too early to start thinking about how this course can fit into your schedule. Space is limited. 


Increasingly, polarization is acknowledged as a significant and dangerous problem in the United States and around the world. In an age of filter bubbles and echo chambers, how can we move towards a more pluralistic society where there is a greater focus on mutual understanding, respect and the common good? During the medieval era, part of what is now Spain was ruled by an Islamic civilization called Al-Andalus. Muslims, Christians and Jews collaborated and lived together relatively peacefully for hundreds of years. However, this history is also contested. What can today’s students learn from the history of this region of Spain? Using an interdisciplinary approach, this faculty-led study abroad course will help prepare students to be more effective, ethical leaders by introducing them to historical examples of conflict, cooperation and collaboration across difference in Spain. We will examine the history of this region with a specific focus on what we can learn about ethics and leadership across difference that is applicable to students and life today. 


Ethics and leadership across difference will be explored from a wide range of disciplines, contexts, and professions. Students and the course facilitator(s) will work together to explore questions such as: How are values and ethics established in individuals, groups and organizations with different backgrounds and worldviews? What are the responsibilities of leaders to establish ethical climates in their organizations and communities? What are the responsibilities of followers and bystanders? Are there, or should there be, universal values and ethical principles in leadership? How does culture influence ethics and leadership? Why do ordinary people behave unethically? Why do good people do bad things? What are some helpful approaches to leading across difference in an ethical manner? How does this all relate to you, today? 


This traveling learning community will connect formal knowledge with real world experiences. Student participants will return better prepared to unite communities across difference and have a positive and powerful impact on the Mason community, and beyond. 


This will count as a Summer course and can apply to the School of Integrative Studies (SIS) leadership minor (counts as a required course for the minor or as an elective requirement), but you do not need to be in the minor to take the course. 


Undergraduate credit available through: 

  • School of Integrative Studies (INTS 498): can count as a substitute for INTS 404 “Ethics and Leadership” 
  • Psychology (PSYC 461) 
  • Honors College (HNRS 130) 
  • History Department (HIST 388) 
  • Conflict Analysis and Resolution (CONF 385) 


Graduate credit available through: 

  • School of Integrative Studies (INTS 595) 
  • Conflict Analysis and Resolution (CONF 695) 


For more information and a list of FAQs please visit:  


For questions about the itinerary and the course please contact Nick Lennon, PhD at [log in to unmask].


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Nick Lennon, PhD 

Director, Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) 

George Mason University

Email: [log in to unmask]