We are currently looking to add new members to the instrument algorithms and controls (systems analysis) team at Intuitive!  Our team is responsible for developing teleoperation, behavioral, and control algorithms for new instruments on the da Vinci Surgical System.  We solve problems in the areas of kinematics, controls, and mechatronics, to develop high-performance instruments that are improving surgery for patients around the world.


If you're not familiar with the da Vinci system, it is a teleoperated system for doing "keyhole" surgery.  Compared to traditional laparoscopic ("keyhole") surgery, the advantages of da Vinci surgery include: instruments with a wrist for increased dexterity; more intuitive control of the tools; tremor reduction; and stereoscopic visualization.  The system is used in over a million surgeries per year, including about 3/4 of all prostatectomies and 1/2 of all hysterectomies in the US.  


We have the following positions open right now for two locations – please apply online if you’re interested:

https://careers.intuitive.com/us/en/job/213400/Robotic-Algorithms-Control-Engineer  (Orange, CT)

https://careers.intuitive.com/us/en/job/213402/Robotic-Algorithms-Control-Engineer  (Sunnyvale, CA)

https://careers.intuitive.com/us/en/job/213690/Sr-Robotic-Algorithm-Control-Engineer  (Sunnyvale, CA)

If you would like more information, please let me know and I can put you in touch with the hiring manager. 


Here are some interesting videos about the da Vinci systems and instruments:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADNJKJzCfSc : Intuitive Surgical by the Numbers:  8.5M+ patients, 5989+ robots around the world in 67 countries.  Every ~25 seconds a surgeon starts a da Vinci procedure.


https://www.intuitive.com/en-us/products-and-services/da-vinci/systems : A look at the different robotic platforms that we offer.


https://www.intuitive.com/en-us/products-and-services/da-vinci/instruments : The core portfolio of wristed instruments that provide dexterity and intuitive motion to enable robotic surgery.


https://www.intuitive.com/en-us/products-and-services/da-vinci/stapling/sureform : Advanced stapling instruments that we have released.  Scroll down and watch the video.


https://www.intuitive.com/en-us/products-and-services/da-vinci/energy : Energy instruments and generator that provide precise and rapid control of bleeding and tissue dissection.



Thank you,




David Weir, Ph.D. 
Director, Multiport IA&E Systems Analysis (Robotic Algorithms and Controls Engineering)