SEOR Doctoral Students:

We have a new class, SEOR 800, Systems Engineering & Operations Research Colloquium. This is a 0-credit course based on attendance at our departmental colloquium (attend >= 5 seminars per semester).

If you are a new student, under catalog year 2021-22, you are required to take this course at least 3 times.

If you are a returning student with catalog year prior to 2021-22, you technically do not have to take it. However, you are still encouraged to enroll. Part of being a doctoral student is engaging with the research community, staying current on the latest developments in the field, and learning new things that might be a little different than your research. These responsibilities will likely continue in your career even after you graduate. So I encourage everyone to enroll and attend the seminars. There is no cost (it is a zero-credit course). In-person attendance is encouraged for the seminars, but remote options are available if you cannot attend in person.
John Shortle
Professor & Chair
Systems Engineering & Operations Research
George Mason University
703-993-3571, [log in to unmask]