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Subject: University of Missouri - Future Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral Program

Please forward to your graduating PhD Students and post the attached flyer.


Preparing Future Faculty – Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral Program

Now accepting applications for 2022


I am pleased to share with you the 2022 call for applications for the University of Missouri’s Preparing Future Faculty – Faculty Diversity (PFFFD) Postdoctoral Program. The PFFFD program is designed to develop scholars for tenure-track faculty positions. Applicants should demonstrate how they can contribute to faculty diversity, such as through membership in a group that is historically underrepresented or through other experience. Postdoctoral positions are typically for two years and provide research, teaching, and professional development opportunities.


The Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE) at the Mizzou is looking to find Postdoctoral Researchers that have strength in human factors or data analytics applied to healthcare systems, logistics or manufacturing to complement our current faculty and provide an excellent postdoc training program. The University of Missouri provides unique opportunities for collaboration across a broad range of academic disciplines. Successful candidates will be mentored so that they can become leaders in their field and lay the foundation for an externally funded research program. The salary offered will include an additional stipend in order to be competitive within the industrial engineering field.


Please visit the PFFFD webpage to learn more about the program and to apply online by September 27, 2021. General questions about the PFFFD program can be directed to Dr. Behm-Morawitz, Associate Dean of the Graduate School ([log in to unmask]). If you have any questions about applying to our research area, specifically, I am happy to answer your questions.




Jim Noble
Professor and Chair
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO


Applications are due November 2, 2020
by 11:59 pm (Central time)





James S. Noble, Ph.D., P.E.


Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Site Director, Center for Excellence in Logistics and Distribution (CELDi)


 Industrial and Mfg Systems Engineering (IMSE)

        E3437 Lafferre Hall

        University of Missouri

        Columbia, MO 65211



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