The Atlantic is looking for an experienced archivist/historian to join some of the newsroom’s most ambitious projects to date, including Inheritance, an ongoing exploration aiming to fill the gaps in our understanding of Black history. The archivist will play a critical role in shaping this work, which seeks to build on The Atlantic’s 164 years of journalism around race, and create broader connections to communities around the country through storytelling. This is a one-year position.
Top candidates for this position have an advanced degree in library science, history, or a related subject, and experience mining archives for relevant and interesting material. They are comfortable using databases, public records, and other archival tools to verify historical information. They have a sharp eye for storytelling possibilities and a clear sense of what stories are ripe for deeper exploration. They are endlessly curious about race, culture, people, and communities and finding the throughlines between modern-day and historical narratives.
In addition to archival research, this role involves contextualizing The Atlantic’s journalism for modern readers through original writing, and the ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about both of these critical elements.
Responsibilities include:
        • Mining and analyzing archival pieces from The Atlantic to surface relevant opportunities for new storytelling.
        • Using databases, public records, and other tools to verify historical references and data.
        • Conducting additional research on key figures, notable events, and references to other narratives in our reporting that bear further exploration.
        • Collaborating with our editors, product managers, and business development team to help shape the delivery of archival findings.
        • Pitching and writing reported, analytical pieces based on archival findings.
More details
This is a temporary, full-time position for one year, that includes flexible vacation and a healthy work/life balance. The Atlantic is operating with a remote workforce through July 2021. Once it has been determined to be safe to return to the offices, this position will have the option to work in either the Washington DC or New York City offices of The Atlantic.