Dear all,

Please see below an announcement about this opportunity


I’m an African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund Fellow with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. My supervisor at the National Trust, Elon Cooke Lee (Director of Interpretation and Education) is currently looking for a grad student/PhD student with knowledge and expertise in Virginia black history for a grant-funded position this summer. I was wondering if you had any grad students/PhD students who would be interested in this opportunity? This position would entail going to the Woodlawn Mansion (Alexandria, Virginia) to review the existing scholarship on the site’s history and spend about 3 months doing a deep dive into the history, culture, material culture, laws and social practices related to slavery, free antebellum Black life, indigenous history and Black life in the Woodlawn area during Reconstruction and Jim Crow. They would then need to produce:

  *   A history of Black and Indigenous people in the Woodlawn area
  *   A workshop for the interpretive staff on the history
  *   A presentation of the history to the Woodlawn & Pope-Leighey staff
  *   A public program on newly discovered histories
  *   A document listing new interpretive themes that the program staff can use to generate new programs and events.

This position would also have an available honorarium awarded based on the student’s experience and final deliverables.

 if anyone has a serious interest they should send a brief proposal/cover letter with their resume to [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>. They should put the following in the subject line: Slavery and Freedom in VA Researcher.