I-SEC Students:

The Fall 2021 schedule of classes is now viewable on PatriotWeb.  Registration will begin on April 20th. Your registration time will be emailed directly to you from the Registrar's Office this week.  We encourage you to check the schedule of classes frequently on PatriotWeb as the schedule may change.

Please make a note the following information:

  *   Methods option: ISEC students have the option to enroll in either:
     *   POGO 511: Intro to Data Analysis or
     *   ITRN 501: Data Analysis for Global Political Economy
     *   To enroll in POGO 511 students must first pass a screening exam.  Information about the exam can be found here For ITRN 501, it’s recommended that students have prior knowledge of macroeconomics and microeconomics.
  *   If you took BIOD 610: Cyber Warfare Strategy and Policy." Please don’t take BIOD 610: "Cyber Conflict and International Security" as they’re the same course. We updated the title.
  *   Also, please note that BIOD 610: "Cyber Conflict and International Security" can now count in lieu of BIOD 760: National Security Technology and Policy course. You can take either course to fulfill that core requirement as they’re equivalent.
  *   Attached to this email is a list of elective course options and area requirements (aka ‘buckets’) and concentrations broken out.
  *   The complete list of ISEC degree requirements can be found here<>.
  *   Students are encouraged to review the options under the BIOD, GOVT, ITRN, POGO, PUAD, and PUBP headings for other elective choices.  Students should consult with an advisor with any questions about elective eligibility.
  *   Course syllabi will be posted on the Schar School syllabi page<> as they become available. If a syllabus is not yet posted, please review previous semesters' syllabi to get an idea of class requirements or contact the teaching faculty directly<> to inquire
  *   All non-Schar courses will have to be pre-approved by your academic advisor before registering.
  *   The complete academic calendar and billing dates can be found on the Registrar's website<>.
***We have restricted registration on many ISEC courses to allow you priority registration.  Please register as soon as possible to ensure you have a spot before we open them up to all students.***

Please note the following important wait list procedures:
•         Students will be sent e-mails (to their Mason e-mail accounts) when waitlist overrides are issued.  Students will not be able to waitlist for a course if the following apply:

  1.  They are already registered for another section of the same course.
  2.  They are already on a waitlist for another section of the same course
•         For more information please visit the Registrar's Waitlist Information<> page.

Finally, to assist you with the registration process, I will be holding "Virtual Advising Open House"  hours this Wednesday, April 14 from 12pm-1pm. Students will be seen on a first-come, first served basis. To join, please visit:

      Should you have any questions, let me know.
Silva Morris
Director of Student Services
Schar School of Policy and Government