PhD CS Comprehensive Exams

April 19th – April 23rd


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Student Name: Zheng Chai

Date & Time: April 19th @ 9:00 AM

Title: High Performance Federated Learning Systems

Online Meeting Link:

Access Information:

Meeting ID: 938 5217 3639
Passcode: 937517


Student Name: Andrew Jones

Date & Time: April 19th @ 12:00 PM

Title: Security, Privacy, and Performance in Information-Centric/Named Data Networking

Online Meeting Link:


Student Name: Taseef Rahman

Date & Time: April 19th @ 1:00 PM

Title: Generative Deep Learning for Molecular Structure Data

Online Meeting Link:





Student Name: Ao Wang

Date & Time: April 21st @ 11:00 AM

Title: Fast and Scalable Serverless Computing Platforms

Online Meeting Link:

Access Information: 

Meeting ID: 992 0237 4310

Passcode: 173122





Student Name: Mahbubul Alam Palash 

Date & Time: April 22nd @ 4:00 PM

Title: Faults in Automotive Front Facing Sensors

Online Meeting Link:

Access Information:

Meeting ID: 986 4096 218

Passcode: 511377




Student Name: James Kukucka

Date & Time: April 23rd @ 2:15 PM

Title: Semantic Fuzzing

Online Meeting Link:

Access Information:

Meeting ID: 924 4718 8758

Passcode: 224552