PhD Students—


Please read carefully because these instructions have changed!


Fall 2021 registration opens for graduate students on Tuesday, April 20th. In this email you will find information for individualized sections and coursework that is particularly relevant to Computer Science PhD students. We are happy to provide CRNs prior to registration opening, but please keep in mind that Patriot Scheduler will not allow you to add courses early. Additionally, please remember that CS 530/CS 531 may not be taken by CS PhD students for credit. 


CS 697 or CS 896


  1. Complete the Individualized Section form, found here.
  2. If you intend to take CS 697, please complete the “Course Description” portion of the form.
  3. Once complete, including the Instructor’s signature or written permission from the instructor, send the Individualized Section Form to [log in to unmask]


A CRN will not be provided without a complete form.


CS 998 or CS 999


 Students who were registered for CS 998 or CS 999 in the Spring 2021 semester will receive their Fall 2021 CRN from [log in to unmask] by Friday, April 16th. If your advisor has changed, or if you’ve advanced to candidacy this spring, please let us know. Please note that you may not register for CS 999 until you have passed your dissertation proposal and fully advanced to candidacy.


If this is your first semester taking CS 998, please reply to this email with the following: 


  1. G Number 
  2. Course you wish to register for (CS 998)
  3. Advisor’s Name


Please contact us here at [log in to unmask] if you run into any unexplained errors when registering for our courses. We are always available via e-mail or you are welcome to request a virtual appointment with an advisor. We will be happy to assist and answer your questions, whether registration-related or otherwise.


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