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Please consider coming to this event if you are able – it promises to be an important discussion, and the department is well-represented on the panel (Dr. Park will moderate, Drs. Pichichero and Berger will be panelists.)


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Subject: Intellectual Life Spring Symposium - April 9


 On behalf of the Faculty Assembly Intellectual Life Committee


Dear Colleagues,


Please consider attending and disseminate broadly the following symposium organized by the Intellectual Life Committee. Zoom information is near the bottom of the email.


If you have any questions, please contact Sun-Young Park ([log in to unmask])




CHSS Spring Symposium: White Supremacy and Anti-Blackness in Global Perspective

Friday, April 9, from 4:30 to 5:45


In a dialogue across disciplines, the panelists consider how the transnational and historical vectors of white supremacy and anti-blackness have helped to shape current forms of racism and violence, while setting the cultural and political terms for black liberation globally. Rather than presenting formal papers, the panel will be in conversation with the audience about their ongoing research, emphasizing flashpoints where practices of racism, violence, and racial representation took fateful turns in the rise and reimagining of national identities and trends.


The Panelists: 


Dr. LaNitra Berger is senior director of fellowships in the Office of Undergraduate Education and is affiliated with African and African American Studies and the Department of History and Art History.  An art historian who works on the intersections of art and social activism in the black and Jewish diasporas, she is the author of the recently published Irma Stern and the Racial Paradox of South African Modern Art: Audacities of Color as well as a number of publications on international education and social justice.


Dr. Christy Pichichero is a literary scholar and cultural historian of early modern France and its empire, and an Associate Professor in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and the Department of History and Art History.  She is the author of The Military Enlightenment: War and Culture in the French Empire from Louis XIV to Napoleon, as well as a number of articles on structural racism and critical race studies in French history, and is currently working on a new book investigating intersectionality and processes of racialization in eighteenth-century Europe.


Dr. Stefan Wheelock is an Associate Professor in the Department of English, who specializes in early African-British and African-American literatures. He is the author of Barbaric Culture and Black Critique: Black Antislavery Writers, Religion, and the Slaveholding Atlantic, as well as a number of other essays, and is currently working on a book manuscript entitled "Promises Lynched: Racial Terror, Religion, and the Post-Truth Foundations of the American Identity."


Zoom info:


Meeting ID: 984 3497 9783

Passcode: 151756