> Optimus Ride is a startup developing self-driving vehicles, with our roots
> tracing back to MIT and the DARPA Grand Challenge. We specialize in
> providing localized autonomous mobility services, with a specific emphasis
> on serving community transport needs. We believe that community-focused,
> shared, electric, autonomous mobility is the future of sustainable
> transportation and are working hard to bring that future to life.
> Since our founding in 2015, we have commercially deployed our first systems
> in 6 states, and given close to a hundred thousand rides. We are actively
> growing, and are looking for engineers passionate about tough problems and
> the future of self-driving vehicles.
> We are hiring in almost all engineering disciplines, including:
> - Prediction, Planning, and Control
> - Perception, Machine Learning, and Estimation
> - Mapping, Localization, and Sensing Systems
> - Robotic Systems Software
> - Mechanical Engineering
> - Systems Engineering
> - Electrical Engineering
> - Technical Program Management
> At Optimus Ride, you will work with peers who cumulatively have decades of
> experience from places like Google, Amazon, Apple, Uber, Nio, Cruise,
> Tesla, SpaceX, FCA, Honda, Draper Laboratories, Zipcar, MIT, CMU,
> Stanford, and have built self-driving vehicles, electric vehicles,
> manufacturing robots, surgical robots, autonomous drones, and more. You
> will innovate with engineers and designers at the top of their fields in
> computer vision, machine learning, sensing and actuation, human-machine
> interface, and design. You will be creating new technologies through
> software development that integrates your areas of expertise to enable
> self-driving systems to be possible today.
> Optimus Ride is centrally located in the Seaport district in Boston, MA.
> Certain positions may be considered for fully or partially remote work,
> depending on how much physical access to vehicles is required. We are
> currently hiring only in the United States.
> For more on Optimus Ride including full job descriptions, visit our website
> https://secure-web.cisco.com/1UO6eUSGSFjM7jer26bL4xmX70ZPE1kPRuY6XvDZmLJ5nfqh8myeR9EKpbQkA-oQEUQEgHgG6FdnmbsoYLdbSktZkrvGOXXlvcwEkFxENVV8hTUtMSZq9TlzDG3vwLK-X_ZIe9wSNxbHrjxbvks4P9Usj96gXCHSLzKkKj1himPloE8gREL4HUsSUPWuMMOfZU9qCAESm3yr2anT8ZKG0isEFg3T1MSxOSZA5wqmtZOerjiwELiDZZFLU5ISzwjlXTr_KaxtxorCO-eKH5Z4IUMYwXY31a3XiVH0X-u4bCabQt5GJFUp1i1EpolpUfpzVaxqOXMfLZMtXPzEV-vqKr8760iWMmRHVQNK8hQRR3H5KntiliohM_J7Mbz_F8-HGfnp3lPRHFbaR0Pul5foF67HWCNKddSZRFUGY75Gat6wjPjrHGCYWqmrOKW1Akh5HC5noi-kaVLhetUno7AX9OHlnHEBRdFAy-bLzguG6_sY/https%3A%2F%2Fjobs.lever.co%2Foptimusride%2F<https://secure-web.cisco.com/1Y70iYwhK2IL5Y1KyDdFb0cZrS4SkyczKsrWkLUVI8IN_MlULLQLHcjFJy__w64haMSRZW5TvqPCUneMZjwiIGt_n6D17-aWWJ5TRrfILCPHw4mkBfeoEfAGiyScsAfrJA8xHpFEMbj3U1Xzzb6Ox35lkZfyt3B6Tn_6Ic2EQKvGDw7bBY5Jn2UQE6h8vDih9qmd2oySIPzm3TbxKMou68Xnbc4qSZa94tLs9QHuuocUZed2MziILYUmSbSHz4oMeg-_ofYR4NSo0ityH5rH7K0wspypSPByj5pbdezf7ZIbZ1O11JWg66g0q8sDrGivovtfdLz8dRnyFnGTP2G7YJTL68Zzi5VXW-iIQYKIAqmkKPuv2jFXncL2_Nd44JvSa5KercsAB4C9k5aDbV0tsRuW0md7zupKV6UF8IELeKWO0S5LGj7c_h4dz76JK5gq82Osb773qZMP3hQGkbWKs4w/https%3A%2F%2Fjobs.lever.co%2Foptimusride%2F>
> and apply online!
> The Optimus Ride team