Hello students,


I wanted to reach out once more to ask if you would send us feedback (if you haven’t already) on our seminar speakers last week who are candidates for a faculty position in the fall.  Your input helps!  Here are the names again:


Emily Petrus (2/1)

Chris Rodgers (2/4)

Holger Dannenberg (2/8)

Evelyn Tang (2/10 & 2/11)

Shama Iyer (2/12)


And the questions to use as a guideline:

1. Was the lecture delivered in a clear and easy to understand manner?

2. Was the material interesting to you?  If applicable, would you like to see similar courses/content offered at Mason?

3. Please describe your interactions with the candidate (via Zoom). Did you have an easy time conversing with him? Did the candidate adequately respond to your queries and comments?


Thank you to those who have already submitted feedback!  And thank you to those considering.  We would need your response by the end of the day today.





Carol McHugh

Academic Program Assistant

Department of Bioengineering

3100 Peterson Family Health Services Hall