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Our last faculty candidate will give her teaching seminar at 3:00 pm today.  Please join us as we value your input! 


Next week will begin our regular Thursday at noon Seminar series.  I’ll be sending more on that Monday.


Dr. Shama Iyer

Research Associate, Orthopaedics

School of Medicine, University of Maryland


Teaching Seminar

Date:  Friday, February 12

Time:  3:00-4:00 pm

Title:   Skeletal Muscle Architecture

Skeletal muscle performs diverse functions in the human body such as producing movement, maintaining posture, and protecting internal organs. The goal of this lecture is to understand skeletal muscle architecture and how it impacts skeletal muscle function. Learning objectives are to have an understanding of: 1) basic architectural definitions in skeletal muscle, 2) factors in skeletal muscle architecture influencing skeletal muscle force generation, and 3) factors in skeletal muscle architecture influencing impairment in skeletal muscle function with aging and disease.  


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Meeting ID: 917 8131 3910

Passcode: 100843


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