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Summer 2021 Course Offerings 

PhD & MA History Program 

(May 17 – August 7) 


The following course information is subject to change due to ongoing adjustments to COVID-19 protocols, as are spring semester calendar dates. Be sure to check your Mason email account and the Summer 2021 Academic Calendar on the Registrar’s website regularly and often for updates. (This is especially important to do AFTER you have enrolled in classes – don’t get caught off guard by changes you missed!) 


HIST 615-B01/HIST 635-B02: Becoming Modern | 3 credits 

CRN: 40972 (US) / 41425 (Europe) 

Professor George Oberle 

Tues. & Thurs., 7:20pm – 10:00pm 

Class meets synchronously ONLINE –  

Students are expected to participate on the day and time noted above. 


This readings-based seminar will use the framework of a long nineteenth century to explore the history of ideas within the modern Atlantic World. The class will focus on intellectual and cultural responses to the revolutionary changes occurring in society during this period. Some topics include romanticism, conservatism, liberalism, Marxism, the neo-enlightenment, ideas of progress, and Darwinism by reading works such as, A Hideous Monster of the Mind, American Enlightenments, and Organizing Enlightenment. Students will read a diverse set of scholarship and will complete an independent final project. The course is intended to serve students with a general interest in the above period as well as those with particular interest in political and cultural history. 



HIST 615-B02 / HIST 635-B01: World War II | 3 credits 

CRN: 42917 (US) / 40973 (Europe) 

Professor Christopher Hamner 

Mon. & Weds., 7:20pm – 10:00pm  

Class meets synchronously ONLINE –  

Students are expected to participate on the day and time noted above. 


The Second World War remains the greatest catastrophe in human history. The conflict raged from the late 1930s until August of 1945; by the time Japan signed the final Instrument of Surrender, more than 60 million people—the majority of them civilians—had lost their lives in the fighting. The war raged across the globe, involving all the world’s major powers, and combat occurred on four continents, in the sky, on the oceans and under the seas. The war changed geopolitics in ways that reverberated throughout the twentieth century and continue to this day.  

This readings seminar offers students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with some of the broad contours of World War II scholarship. Over the course of the summer session, students will read widely in the history of the war, studying some classic works alongside some of the most important recent scholarship. 



HIST 794-001: Internship in Applied History | 1 to 6 credits 

CRN: 40974 

*Enrollment into this course is controlled. Contact Dr. Suzanne Smith at [log in to unmask] for approval to register.* 

Professor Suzanne Smith 

May 17 – August 7 

Location(s)/Experiences Vary and Must Be Approved by Internship Director 



HIST 799-XXX: Masters Thesis |1 to 3 credits) - only needed if you are submitting your thesis in summer.

*Enrollment into this course is controlled.  Contact Emily Gibson at [log in to unmask] for approval and CRN to register. * 



HIST 999-XXX: Doctoral Dissertation Research | 1 to 12 credits - only needed if you are defending/submitting your dissertation in summer.

*Enrollment into this course is controlled.  Students must email [log in to unmask] for approval and CRN to register. * 


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