Hello! I'm excited to be helping fill a position at Kodiak Robotics working on simulation for autonomous trucking. We are looking for a software engineer to help design and build simulation capabilities to ensure that our autonomous trucks are safe and reliable.

As we are still a relatively small team, you'll find the opportunity to work in other parts of the robotics stack as well, from perception and localization to planning and controls. I've been at Kodiak working on motion planning for over a year now since I finished my Robo masters, and I find it really rewarding to work on full-scale robotic solutions! Please find more details about the position and apply here<https://secure-web.cisco.com/1S9K5Ad5EUhX2ifCjxDksFVv0EH2ECSXhkmmhBjp-Jnv0egyR2aCeQi6zE2g4pQsLipdkn4AjfJRJW0GJWmx5VzPFQ-CtGtIxQrNg0VC3MX3BUO70de17EyZ9qaAufnpAJBl6k6MxsahH5v3nv7SdkbXTpDGsOWB99NijxDs1po8thcVL4ZsQ7iUEfmaqXaUxDUl6e9YimicBfJx52rbb8ArxVwbZVcmiS30BgvO2B6G-IRb-hB0POV-4nPaxTEsejzDh5rKN_gvH6Ja2EQL-nanJEdKUwIKUQj1cMBFg5f50diN0yjJKw6GvOamSqvYIVqniKpY_FLlqfUAi7VC-YW0W3XBHmC0J6PhA0CNcch8vFxa_H8SnLf1a0Z3CTnh3GjIalDAOYci7pQnQZpnhgdRid3BS3PAGUikj1XYAxYyLdCp7g8i2nXQs4EqvKPCm40GbRHucF7inSP_A8Zza8w/https%3A%2F%2Fjobs.lever.co%2Fkodiak%2F105f7ba2-b0f5-44f6-b911-595e925f3bc0>. You can also email<mailto:[log in to unmask]> with any questions. Come join us!
Matt Oslin