This is a reminder to please refrain from contacting individual faculty members regarding assistantships and funding. The program continues to receive notices alerting us that this is occurring despite repeated requests not to do so. Mass emails are especially frowned upon and reflect poorly on the program. I am including an updated guide below that includes instructions for seeking funding:

Data Analytics Engineering (DAEN) Program – Graduate Student Assistance Opportunities

Let me first state that the Data Analytics Engineering graduate program is a program and not an academic department within the Volgenau School of Engineering. The distinction is very important because only academic departments have tenure and tenure track research faculty with the ability to fund Graduate Assistant (GA) opportunities.

Let me re-emphasis the fact that the DAEN program does not offer Graduate Assistance (GA) opportunities for students enrolled in the program.

That said, there here are the ways in which DAEN program students can apply for and request student assistance from both George Mason University and the Volgenau School of Engineering.

George Mason University

Office of Student Financial Aid

Many Mason students receive various kinds of financial aid, such as grants, scholarships, work-study employment, or loans. Mason’s Office of Student Financial Aid has a team of dedicated professionals available to help you and your family with the financial aid process. The Financial Aid staff will work with you annually as you re-apply for financial assistance each year you attend Mason.

Office of Graduate Fellowships

Graduate fellowships are awards that provide support to master's and doctoral students for research, writing, fieldwork, language study, professional development, or independent projects undertaken in conjunction with a degree program. The Office of Graduate Fellowships works to increase awareness, participation, and success in extramural fellowship competitions among Mason's graduate students, with an emphasis on nationally competitive awards.

Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Mason strategically invests in our graduate students through fellowships, awards, and grants. Graduate student fellowships and grants are awarded to enhance academic performance, promote research of consequence, and advance professional development.

University Career Services Handshake

Handshake is Mason's source for jobs, internships, employment advice, and career fair details. Be aware that accounts are not activated for newly admitted students until the beginning of their first semester.

Volgenau School of Engineering

Financial Aid

Mason's Office of Financial Aid handles all applications for undergraduate scholarships awarded by the Volgenau School of Engineering, while graduate scholarships are handled by the specific department (see below) within the Volgenau School of Engineering. However, the web page listed above also highlights several external scholarships to which graduate students can apply.

Academic Departments

As stated above, graduate scholarships are handed by the specific academic departments within the Volgenau School of Engineering. Students can send resumes to the department email inboxes as identified below. Please be aware that Graduate Assistance opportunities are extremely limited and that graduate students enrolled in the respective departmental MS and PhD degree programs will be given preference for any Graduate Assistance opportunities available within the academic department.

Finally, never ever spam or otherwise canvas the faculty looking for assistantships: word spreads quickly and it significantly reduces your chances of getting a position as the faculty intensely dislike it. This is especially true if your application in the University Career Services Handshake system has not been reviewed by the academic department advertising the Graduate Assistance position.


Spamming department faculty members directly via email with requests for graduate assistance is a violation of University Computing Policy 1301 - Responsible Use of Computing, specifically RULE 2: Do not use Mason’s Computing Resources to violate other policies or laws which references the Code of Student Conduct, Appendix 1: Acts of Misconduct, 18. Misuse, abuse, and unauthorized use of technology, and/or use of technology for unauthorized purposes. DAEN program students that are identified by either the academic departments or the GMU IT Security Office (ITSO) as violating this policy will first be subject to an in-person DAEN Program administrative review by the DAEN Program Director, or Assistant Director, along with the student. Continued violation by the student of this policy will result in the ITSO referring the student to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.


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Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering

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Computer Science

You must already be accepted in a departmental MS or PhD degree program to apply for an assistantship. Students are expected to apply for Graduate Assistant positions through University Career Services Handshake.

Cybersecurity Engineering

No Graduate Assistant opportunities are available currently.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Information Sciences & Technology

Students are expected to apply for Graduate Assistant positions through University Career Services Handshake.

Mechanical Engineering

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Since the DAEN program is part of the Department of Statistics, information on any possible openings will be shared via the DAEN program listserv.

Systems Engineering and Operations Research

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Hugh Miller, M.A. | [log in to unmask] | 703.993.6269

Academic Program Coordinator

Data Analytics Engineering

1722 Nguyen Engineering Building