You are invited to join us on Friday, December 11 at 12 noon for the iTHRIV Research Methods Core seminar series. This month’s topic is: Data Quality Assurance Pipeline – Biases: Pitfalls and Solutions. This seminar is jointly sponsored by iTHRIV, Inova, and George Mason University’s department of Statistics. Registration is required, but it is free.

Abstract: Data quality is one of the most important pillars for any evidence-based research and decision making.  In this informal, interactive talk, via some fun examples, we’ll discuss the quality assurance pipeline, illustrate some practical issues and solutions to designing experiments or protocols, analyzing real vs. ideal data, interpreting statistical outcomes, and share some practical experiences in collaborative research.

The presenter is Jiayang Sun, PhD, Professor, Chair, and Bernard Dunn Eminent Scholar at the Department of Statistics, George Mason University. She received her Ph.D. in Statistics from Stanford.

 Her statistical research has included confidence bounds and multiple comparisons, biased sampling and measurement errors, mixtures, machine learning, causal Inference, crowdsourcing, EHR, text mining, bioinformatics, network analysis, imaging, longitudinal, high-dimensional and big data. Her interdisciplinary work has included cancer, environmental science, neuroscience, wound care, dental, and biomaterial, in addition to astronomy, computer science, energy, law, and agriculture.

Her work has been supported by awards from the NSF, NIH, NSA,DOD, DOE, VA and ASA.

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 Please feel free to share and invite others – this talk is free and open to the public. The talk is especially appropriate for student and faculty researches at iTHRIV partner institutions.