Attention BIS Students - 

A number of virtual events offered by Mason's University Career Services are scheduled for next week. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.

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Schedule of Events:



Noon: Exploring Careers in Government: Government Intern Panel: Working for the government can be an intriguing yet confusing option for many students. Learn about how your degree may be able to help prepare you for a rewarding career in public service.


4 pm: Writing Your Federal Resume:  Are you planning on applying to a job within the federal government? If so, you'll need to submit a federal style resume. Learn from experts about how to optimally build your federal style resume so that you can maximize your chances of obtaining an interview.


6 pm: Navigating USAJobs: Are you planning on applying for a job within the federal government? Learn how to best utilize the government's job board, USAJobs, so that you don't miss any opportunities and can stand out from the crowd.




Noon: Introduction to Security Clearances: Are you considering a career either in the government or with an organization that does business with the government? If so, there is a good chance that you will need a security clearance to be able to actually do your job! Learn about the steps you will have to go through to obtain a clearance and what you can begin doing now to make the process easier down the road. This event is part of the Clearance Ready Program and also part of University Career Services Government Week


4 pm: Government Intern Panel: Are you thinking about a potential internship with a federal, state, or local government? Hear from a panel of former interns from Mason about their experiences, tips for your application and interview process, and how to make the most of your internship.


6 pm: Government Week: Careers in Intelligence: Are you interested in joining the Intelligence Community? Hear from representatives from a number of agencies about their needs, how you can prepare, and tips for being successful in the application process.




Noon: Careers in Law Enforcement: Law enforcement professionals from local, state, and federal agencies will share their experiences and advice with students who are interested in pursuing a career in this field. Students are encouraged to bring questions and be prepared to connect directly with representatives.


4 pm: Careers in State and Local Government: Learn from professionals working in public service at the local and state levels about the nature of their positions, how they got to where they are, how it differs from federal service, and much more.


6 pm: Careers in Diplomacy: Diplomacy is a term you see frequently when it comes to government, but what does it actually mean? Hear from professionals who have centered their careers around diplomacy about the skills needed to be effective, how to break into the field, and what to really expect if you take this career path.




Noon: Careers in Politics: Are you considering a career in some form of politics? Hear from professionals about the pros, cons, benefits, and challenges that are present in this exciting and demanding field


4 pm: Exploring Think Tanks: Have you heard the term “think tank” and not been sure what it meant? Learn from a panel of professionals working at a variety of think tanks about the structure of these organizations, their missions, and the skills you can cultivate at Mason to make yourself competitive for jobs and internships.


6 pm: Health and Science in Government Panel: Now more than ever, we are hearing about the intersection of Health, Science, and Government.  How can you get involved?  A panel of professionals who are working in the government on health and science matters will share their perspectives and provide advice for you as you explore or embark on a career in this field.




10 am: Exploring Government Contracting: The term "government contracting" is frequently mentioned in the Northern Virginia area, but what does it actually mean? What do government contractors do? How do you become one? Learn all about contracting and the career options that it can present you.


Noon: What is International Development? Have you heard the term "International Development" and wondered what it meant? Know about the field, but not sure what the day to day looks like? Hear from a panel of professionals in the field about their careers in International Development, their path into the field, and advice they have for students looking to get a foot in the door.