The Last Day to Add courses for the Fall 2020 Semester is TODAY, Monday, August 31st. After today, any courses added will require a Late Schedule Adjustment and a late fee.


If you are already registered for CS 998/999 or an Individualized Section course, please check the number of credits you are currently registered for and make sure that it is the correct.


Please read the information below thoroughly and keep this email for your records as it pertains to Fall 2020 registration. 


Please follow the directions below if you need a CS 697 or CS 896 CRN for the upcoming Fall 2020 Semester.  


Please follow these steps to ensure you will be able to promptly register for your course:

  1. Complete the Individualized Section form, which can be found on the Computer Science website here.
  2. If you intend to take CS 697, please complete the “Course Description” portion of the form.
  3. Once complete, including the Instructor’s signature OR written permission from the instructor emailed to [log in to unmask], send the Individualized Section Form to [log in to unmask]


Please see the catalog listings for each course to determine if they are appropriate for your situation. Incomplete forms will not be accepted and students will not be provided a CRN. Contact [log in to unmask]with any questions.


Please follow the directions below if you need a CS 998 or CS 999 CRN for the upcoming Fall 2020 Semester.  


Please reply to this email with three things: 


  1. Your G Number 
  2. Course you would like to register for
  3. The name of your advisor 


Replies without all three requested items will not receive a CRN.


Once you receive a CRN, please follow the directions below in order to adjust your variable credit for CS 998 or CS 999:


  1. Within the new Patriot Web registration system, please select “Register for Classes”
  2. Then select “Schedule and Options”
  3. Since this course is a variable credit, you can click on the credit under the “hours” column and it will prompt you to enter the amount of credits. You must type in the credit amount within the range given. Click “submit” and the credits will be changed.


Please note that you may not register for CS 999 until you have passed your dissertation proposal and fully advanced to candidacy. If you have already registered using a department provided CRN for CS 998 or CS 999, please be sure to check that you have the desired number of credits for your course. 


Additionally, please remember that CS 530/CS 531 cannot be taken by Computer Science PhD students for credit. 


Any questions concerning Fall 2020 Registration should be sent to [log in to unmask].


Department of Computer Science

George Mason University

4400 University Dr, MS 4A5

Fairfax, VA 22030

Phone: (703) 993-1530