Dear Students,


The 2020 BMES Annual Meeting in October is accepting scientific abstracts from students for the conference in San Diego.  Although they have not decided to move the conference to a virtual format yet, it is likely. If you are doing research or a design project, this is a good opportunity to share your work as you would be able to present remotely regardless of whether the conference is virtual or not.  Please talk to your advisor about submitting a one-page abstract for this event.


Please note:  the deadline for submission is Thursday, May 14 for graduate students and seniors graduating before Fall 2020.  For all other undergraduates, you have until July 30th to submit an abstract to the undergraduate research session of the conference.


Use this link for more details:

Abstracts A NOTE IN REGARD TO COVID-19 The 2020 Technical Program Committee is hard at work planning this year's Annual Meeting. We are developing contingency plans to ensure the success of the meeting. Please note that authors of accepted abstracts can present remotely.


There is a $35 submission fee that the Bioengineering Department will be able to cover for you.


Please let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you,



Carol McHugh

Academic Program Assistant

Department of Bioengineering

3100 Peterson Family Health Services Hall