Dear ECE students,


At the end of each academic year, the ECE department gives out various awards to graduating students and current Teaching Assistants (TAs).


In addition to outstanding academic achievement awards (that are GPA based), we also have a special recognition and outstanding TA award.


I am soliciting nominations for the special recognition and outstanding TA awards.


Special recognition awards are not GPA based. They are given to students who have been actively involved in various things throughout their time in the program some of which could include:

working as a learning assistant, done research, participating actively in student clubs/competitions, serving as an officer, working as a peer mentor, working on a cool project, helping the department, helping fellow students, etc.


If you know someone who either graduated last semester or is graduating this spring (or summer) and whom you think stands out and deserves to be recognized, please send me their name/s and a brief justification of why you are nominating this person.


The outstanding TA award is given to a TA who has been very helpful to students, is very reliable, and has gone above and beyond their role as a TA this year. So if you had a TA or from last fall or this spring that fits into this criteria. please send me his/her name and why you are nominating this person.


Deadline to submit all nominations to me is end of the day on Sunday, May 10th.


Thank you!

Pelin Kurtay