Dear ECE Graduate Students (MS CPE, MS EE, MS TCOM, PhD ECE):


I’ve had a couple of inquiries about ECE 742:  High Speed Networks, which is being offered for Fall 2020.  The course has not been offered in several years.  I am revamping the course with new material and topics (e.g., SDN/NFV, cloud and edge computing, 5G, tactile Internet, quantum Internet, etc.), as well as the introduction of some lab assignments using the Mininet network emulator.  I have attached a tentative course syllabus – feel free to share this with other students who may be interested in taking the course.  Depending on the decision of the University (which has not yet been finalized), it is possible that all courses, including ECE 742 will be offered partially or fully online, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Regarding prerequisites for ECE 742: ECE 542, some background in basic computer programming and knowledge of basic probability (preferably ECE 528, but it is not mandatory) should be sufficient.  The prerequisites listed in are out-of-date, but they are only “recommended” prerequisites, which are not enforced on PatriotWeb.  You should not have trouble registering for ECE 742 on PatriotWeb – if you do, please let me know.


Let me know if you have any questions about the ECE 742 course.




Brian Mark




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