Evolutionary Computation Digest — Wednesday, 13 May 2020, Volume 34: Issue 5

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Today's Topics:

 - Questionnaire on Real-World Optimization Problems

 CFPs (with submission deadline)
 - 22 May: GECCO 2020 Competition on OCP and USCP - Call for
participation [3rd kind reminder


July 8-12, 2020, ONLINE due to COVID-19 (formerly Cancún, Mexico): GECCO 2020

September 7–9, 2020, Leiden, The Netherlands: PPSN 2020

Sender: "Tea Tušar" <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Questionnaire on Real-World Optimization Problems

Have you been working on a real-world optimization problem? Help us
understand its properties and peculiarities by answering this

We would like to learn more about the challenges of real-world
optimization problems in order to align research in Evolutionary
Computation (EC) more closely to the problems faced by practitioners.
By participating in the questionnaire, you will enable the EC research
community to develop benchmarks and algorithms that are more useful
for your kind of problem. The outcomes of the questionnaire (available
from will also give you an
overview of the types of problems your colleagues face. You can fill
in the questionnaire anonymously or be acknowledged for your

Thank you for participating,

The MACODA* working group on real-world optimization problems

*MACODA, the Lorentz Center workshop on “Many Criteria Optimization
and Decision Analysis”,  held in September 2019 in Leiden, the

Sender: Julien Lepagnot [log in to unmask]
Subject: GECCO 2020 Competition on OCP and USCP - Call for
participation [3rd kind reminder]

Dear colleagues,

This is just a gentle reminder to not forget to register to the GECCO
2020 Competition on OCP and USCP.

Please note that registration is required no later than May 22, 2020.

Registration is mandatory in order to compete, but it is also quick
and free: simply send an email to [log in to unmask] to
declare your intention to compete (it is also worth noting that taking
part in this competition does not require a GECCO registration, unless
a submitted GECCO Companion abstract is accepted for publication).

Early registration is strongly encouraged, so that the organizing
committee is aware of all entrant teams, and can then keep them
informed of any update regarding the organization of the competition
(e.g. deadline extension).

For a short description of this competition, please refer to the call
for participation just below.

The winners will share a total of 1200 EUR prize sponsored by the UHA
and the IRIMAS:
- 1st: 600 EUR,
- 2nd: 400 EUR,
- 3rd: 200 EUR.

Please feel free to forward this announcement to any colleagues who
may be interested in this optimization competition.

We are looking forward to your registrations and welcome questions and comments.


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