Dear students,


Please take note of the following guest speaker who will be at Krasnow tomorrow:


At the Center for Neural Informatics, Structures, & Plasticity meeting this coming Tuesday, March 10, at 12 noon in the Krasnow lecture room (rm229), Prof. Damien O'Halloran from George Washington University will give a presentation entitled “Studying Na+/Ca2+ exchangers in the nervous system: from in vivo systems to computational tools”. For an overview of Damien’s several contributions to bioinformatics, neuroscience, and computational biology, see


This seminar is open to the Mason community and may be of interest to a wide range of researchers, trainees, and students, so please feel free to invite your lab.


You are welcome to attend.


Thank you,



Carol McHugh

Academic Program Assistant

Department of Bioengineering

3100 Peterson Family Health Services Hall