Please join SAIL and the Office of Undergraduate Education for a special edition of Engage With Mason

Over the years, we've brought faculty, students and community partners together to network and talk about issues impacting the community locally. In this semester's event, we want to think about pushing the needle. Join us as we hear about best practices and  network over lunch and discuss how to think about deepening relationships and building a community conscious network of learners and educators. Participate in small group sessions on creating an action plan for community engagement, building service-learning into your curriculum or community work and sustaining relationships with community agencies.

Please share with your classes and your colleagues!

Friday, March 20th
10am - 2pm
George's | Johnson Center
George Mason University, Fairax

Lunch Will be served!

RSVP Here<http://secure-web.cisco.com/1yadCPFMRqQhr2KG8StCzPzFkCtYOGCU4vtrz0Qhc83bmeHxIBmmer7xZikuREFe7flO4rnW0UlF-7Z7UF0HIRR1s9d2OCOPZqXEhvQaPDIZki7wG-3nie4VABJDmX5ywow48VhUyZly8fZkYG7A-O4uCogKs_TK7J3QXXghwadxGHxm7KvMbsATsBogHs8qxhVcLmzVjTlWn_afCjYvTAZNBnQbUR5L2o9yMeW5enu6wFK1AhricAJ2bEdqvgEpXnvmUogzJPZCHPoUC1fdDZF35oMrUgwnAN1Am14jpp7UkvQ5gUhQ04oGqsqcIMOYG9SjuX0FnlGyic2qHIMwffWKAghRTfKCxsb0ky8Yt9sBMHIXrwZ0AO-d4jTHtmywv/http%3A%2F%2Fcglink.me%2Fr685414>

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